Economic Boost

If approved and built, Grassy Mountain will generate significant economic benefits for the region, for Alberta and for Canada, critical for recovery in a post-COVID-19 world.

Economic Development and Tourism

We believe that economic development, recreation and tourism are compatible and mutually supportive in the community and the region.

  • Diversification of the local economy beyond one industry, whether tourism or mining, provides stability to the community that supports local infrastructure and investment by the Municipality.
  • A larger local economy, based on the combined effect of tourism and mining, creates more opportunities for the service sector and supports more local businesses such as transport providers, engineering and maintenance providers as well as restaurants and hotels.
  • These service businesses in turn make the region a more popular tourist destination.
  • Crowsnest Pass is already a desirable community but improving its standing as a tourist destination also helps Riversdale to attract talented employees to the region which, put simply, is good business.