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Letter: Rancher says mine would have brought employment, cash to region

Letter: Rancher says mine would have brought employment, cash to region | Calgary Herald

I am an elderly rancher north of Lundbreck. Our allotment comes close to Grassy Mountain from the north. I have ridden over Grassy Mountain several times and I have seen nothing that would threaten either me or my business.

In my opinion, we laymen are not qualified to assess harmful levels of pollution either in water or in air and I refuse to become hysterical over someone’s “worst nightmare.”

I am disappointed that the opponents of coal mining have exaggerated the scope, timing and negatives of mining. At the same time, the positives have been minimized. Throughout my lifetime, I have seen the benefits of meaningful employment to the Crowsnest Pass and Pincher Creek areas. I have seen the hardships when employment is not there. Of the many opponents of coal mining, most are retired with independent sources of income. Others do not live in our districts.

One of the duties of politicians is to weigh competing values. They can do a better job if our opinions are sensible and truthful.

Hugh Lynch-Staunton, Lundbreck

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Letter: Crowsnest Pass can’t survive on tourism

Letter: Crowsnest Pass can't survive on tourism (

I am writing in support of the clean coal initiative for Alberta, specifically the Riversdale Grassy Mountain project in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. Alberta is a resource province and this area of Alberta is a great source of metallurgical coal needed in the production of steel. The world needs steel.

Wouldn’t it be better to source that coal from an environmentally and ethically responsible company that will also reclaim the land from an existing coal mine?

The Crowsnest Pass needs industry! We cannot survive on tourism like Banff and Canmore.

We need our young people to move back here to revitalize our community. We need more higher paying jobs for them to come back to. We do not need mayors from other towns and cities in Southern Alberta determining what is best for us. Riversdale Resources has contributed a huge amount of dollars in this community.

They have donated to many user groups and reinvented our local golf course.

Since they are a Category 4 mine, we trusted the process that Riversdale has gone through the past several years to get this project up and running.

Little did we know that we would be sacrificed and used as a political football to satisfy a bunch of environmentalists who have no ties or investment in our community.

I am imploring you to show both sides of this issue and report the actual facts regarding selenium mitigation being practised in the Alberta and B.C. coal mining industry.

June Vastenhout
Crowsnest Pass

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